commercial roof repair
commercial roof repair

What types of roof surfaces will this waterproofing system work on?

Old asphalt roof surfaces, torch down roofs, metal roofs, spray foam insulation and any existing single-ply roof is made substantially better than new with our custom waterproofing systems.

How long can I expect this white commercial roof waterproofing system to last?

Properly applied silicone roof coating systems easily keep any type of commercial roof leak free for at least 25 years.
Acrylic roof coating systems will waterproof any commercial roof for at least 15 years, even in the Pacific Northwest.

How can a roof waterproofing ‘repair’ system keep any commercial roof leak free even longer than the warranty period of an expensive white single-ply roof membrane?

Our roof waterproofing applications are custom made over any roof without seams, without heat and without screws or fasteners. 
Heat is the biggest contributing cause of all roof leaks.  Today's most popular commercial roof membranes are welded together with heat.  Heat causes roof seams to be less flexible and less able to stretch.  Heat changes the molecular mass, reduces elongation factors, and reduces the flexibility of any roof membrane.  High stress areas on any roof need to be more flexible and stronger than the rest of the roof, because surface temperatures change, causing  contraction and expansion pressures.  Roof high stress areas include equipment pedestal bases, sharp angles, corners, pipes, other penetration bases, skylight frames, drainage areas, vents, air duct bases and flashing seams.  All heat welded roof membranes fail prematurely in the high stressed areas.  They end up being the weakest areas of the entire roof surface.
Our custom, fluid applied waterproof membranes are polyester reinforced.  Our systems are doubly reinforced at all high stressed areas of your roof, with super strong and stretchy polyester.  Our applicaton is custom made for your roof with no seams, so there are no weak areas.

Single-ply roof membranes are glued down to plastic or metal fasteners. These fasteners get walked on by roof service personnel and puncture up through the membrane, causing premature leaks, sometimes 5 or 6 years before the warranty expires. Our fluid applied system is glued down everywhere across your roof surface by durable adhesives in the fluid waterproofing. We apply layers of reinforcing polyester over all fastener areas on your existing single-ply roof, so the existing weak fastener areas of your roof are a non-issue.

Can this system be applied to roofs that have two or more existing layers of roofing?

Absolutely yes!  Our fluid applied system is classified as a 'repair', your existing roof doesn't need to be removed for us to legally apply it.

Will this application substantially reduce inside temperatures on super hot days?

In any climate, you can expect 15 to 20 degrees cooler temperatures inside your building on any 100 degree day. In fact, these applications reduce air conditioning costs by up to 35%.

In what climates and conditions will this application work effectively?

Our applications are effective in super hot and super cold climates.

Why does IRS code allow for this application to be deducted as an expense during the same year it’s paid for?

This system is custom designed for every building, and twice as durable as expensive white single-ply roof membranes, yet our applications are always classified as 'repair' systems.  The word 'repair' is on your invoice, yet you receive a strong leak free, non-prorated warranty, covering product and labor for every roof we work on..

Our building’s roof leaks keep coming back, and we’ve had roofers come out to fix leaks every year. Will your system work on this problematic type of roof?

Absolutely yes! We welcome all your most challenging and problematic roofs of any kind! We've solved serious roof leak issues on facilities that half a dozen roof contractors couldn't get stopped.

How can you say, ‘This is the last roof my commercial building will ever need’?

After your warranty expires, we simply clean your roof, make updated or necessary repairs, and inexpensively re-coat your roof, so you never have to replace or remove your existing roof ever again!

Why does my commercial building roof always leak near the same places every year, even though we’ve had our roof repaired each year?

Our applications are super strong, yet stretchable.  We custom make waterproof 'expansion boots' and 'expansion joints' for all vulnerable, weak or high stressed areas on every roof.  Every type of roof has specific areas that experience repeated higher pressures daily because of daily and seasonal surface temperatures changes.  Ordinary roof repair methods and products can't cope with these excessive pressures like our custom membranes do.

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